Campona Plogging Day

What is plogging?
Gathering thrash during running. You can do this activity anywhere and anytime, so you do good for your environment and for yourself. However, if you would like to receive a reward at the end of your run and waste collection, join us on the Campona Plogging Day on the 29th of September!

How can you participate?
Sign up under, because we can only reward you in the end, if you do so! If you don’t have rubber gloves and trash bags, visit Campona between the 15th and the 29th of September, and look for the hostess who will provide you gloves and garbage bags!

When should I bring the garbage to Campona?
On September 29th: on the Campona Plogging Day, from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm, we are waiting for ploggers by Campona’s main entrance, where we will check and verify your registration and give you a gift t-shirt for your participation! By the reservation, your participation in the prize draws is guaranteed.

When are the prizes drawn?
After you deliver your collected trash you might want to stay a little bit longer. There will be a concert, and other exciting programs. We draw the prizes at 14:00 on the spot. The prizes will be transfered by the patron of the event, the XXII. district’s mayor. The winners will be notified by e-mail as well.

What are the prizes?
The first 200 registrants receive a 2,000 HUF Campona voucher. (Registration alone is not enough for getting the voucher, yet it is a condition to participate in the event.)
Each registrating participant automatically gets the Playersroom Club Discounts, that they can claim at Campona’s store on the Plogging Day, and a Campona Plogging Day branded T-shirt.
Drawed prizes: 20 gift packages (Nike gymnastics-bag, Nike flask, earphones)
Main prize: 2 x 50,000 HUF Playersroom gift vouchers

‘Regular’ participants receive their Campona Plogging Day T-shirts after running, ‘internal’ teams (Campona, CBRE, CPI) are getting it before running, so they can run wearing the T-shirt. The company’s participants can enter the event on the registration page of the event, which will go live this Friday, and will be available under the following link:
The event’s main promoter is Playersroom. They give the club discount (5-50% discount on all shoes), and beyond that, on the Plogging Day they will give away 20-30 pieces of Dorko Shoes to GyeJó (child welfare service).



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Take a look at the map and see yourself, how close is Campona to you!